My Qualifications & History

A full stack designer and project manager

A trained designer with 5 years of experience in full stack development, always on the lookout for a team or organization in need that believes in servant leadership, culture over process, and autonomy.

Skills and Interests

.NET Development

Building ASP.NET Core MVC Apps and REST APIs, Enterprise Service Buses, BDD Acceptance Tests, Identity Servers, IoT Brokers, and more.

React, Angular, Vue, and General Frontend Development

Building SPAs, Websites, Web-native Mobile Applications, Javascript Libraries and Tools, including detailed experience in web bundling with Webpack, Rollup, ESBuild, Gulp, and more.

User Experience Design / Human Centered Design

Over 8 years of experience conducting user and market research, breadboarding and wireframing, and designing websites, web applications, mobile applications, and digital/physical marketing collateral.

Business Analsysis and Requirements

I am well-read and experienced with jobs to be done, domain-driven design/development, behaviour-driven development, blue ocean strategy, and risk management/actuarial sciences.

Agile Coaching

A once-certified Scrum master, Lean/Lean Manufacturing, Kanban, Extreme Programming, and the Agile principles are my second language.

Other Development Experience

I have worked with Rails MVC applications, GoLang microservices and CLIs, and Rust microservices in production contexts, likely at a lower-intermediate level.

Professional History

Chris D Macrae Consulting

Project Manager, Fullstack Developer, UX Designer, Marketer


Since 2016, I have consulted with various businesses, helping companies:

  • Deliver stellar digital product and customer experiences
  • Build and maintain full stack technical solutions, using monolithic, serverless, and JAMStack architectures
  • Manage network and cloud infrastructure
  • Create SMB marketing and brand strategies

Some of my best full-time experiences have started through consulting, which has given me a broad understanding of business and many industries, and has allowed me to employ 12 people at different times in a six year period.

I've had the pleasure of working with PostMedia, The Dallas Morning News, EastLink, the East Coast Music Awards as a designer and marketing specialist, and Apple, Spotify, Telus and other fantastic organizations as a technical project manager.

Torq IT

Technical Project Manager, Fullstack Developer

2021, Full-time

At Torq IT, I help manage our customer relationships, business development strategies/experiments, and get down in the trenches with my team to help deliver full stack solutions to our customers.

Since joining, I've helped the team better understand their core business, helped the business development, sales, and marketing come in-house, greatly lowering operating expenses and inventory while increasing our throughput on business outcomes.

Scrum Master, Head of Customer Solutions, Head of Developer Relations, Consultant

2017-2021, Full-time

At Forestry, I served as a consultant, doing market research, user research and business analysis. As the head of developer relations, helping the software teams better understand their customers problems, and as the Head of Customer Solutions where I delivered solutions to fortune 500 companies with 100s of daily active users.

In this time, my work was at times responsible for 30-50% of the companies revenue, and I had the pleasure of leading my teams to net positive increases in velocity, daily active users, and increased annual revenue.

I also helped the team adopt agile practices and mental models, starting by implementing the scrum framework in 2018.

ThinkingBig Inc.

Scrum Master, Principle UX Designer, Fullstack Developer

2018-2020, Full-time

At Thinking Big, I served as a principle UX designer and fullstack developer with Veterans Affairs Canada, helping the department modernize their benefit processes with end-to-end digital application processes, using guided digital web forms, Dynamics 365 CRM, and a variety of custom .NET tools.

While at Veterans Affairs, my team exceeded our annual goal for UX and software delivery by 10x (900%), by delivery 10x more outcomes than forecasted, saving Candian Veterans an upwards of 30 hours per month in some cases, and getting them access to critical benefits 3-5 months faster than previous.

I also had the priviledge of working with Maritime Electric, Great Hobbies, Treasury Board of Canada, and the Canadian Revenue Agency on a casual basis.

Cheep Insurance

Project Manager, UX Designer, Fullstack Developer

2016-2017, Consulting

Cheep Insurance hired my consulting team in 2016 to help them maintain their tech stack, including a Wordpress marketing site, self-serve customer portal, and various product information and marketing tools.

We helped the Cheep team operationalize their marketing collateral with a self-serve component page builder, social media and SEO toolkit, and user studies, all of which is still in use as of 2021.

We helped the Cheep Insurance team get on the front page of Google, maintain steady growth, and manage their website over 5 years without on-going assistance from a web designer or frontend developer.

MindSea Development Inc.

UX Designer, Project Manager

2015-2016, Full-time

At MindSea, I served as the principle UX designer on a variety of projects, and assisted in running 2-4 week design sprints to help our customers validate their business ideas and figure out critical paths to get to market.

I helped the leadership team at MindSea develop the MindSea Blueprint, a productized service offering to help businesses validate their software ideas in less than four weeks, delivering a buildable statement of work, critical path wireframes for all features, and a visual design and brain guideline for the development team.

I had the pleasure of working with the East Coast Music Awards, PostMedia, the Dallas Morning News, Trans Canada Trail, and a variety of other fantastic organizations.


Product Designer, Marketer, Project Manager

2013-2015, Full-time

At SimplyCast, I worked as a junior product designer, assisting the principle product designer modernize the application.

I also had the opportunity to work with, and then manage the marketing department for the company, helping deliver front-to-back marketing solutions, including web design, development, SEO, digital PPC and marketing campaigns.

During this time, I helped deliver an entire re-brand of the company, covering web, mobile, social media, and our physical space.

I had the pleasure of working with EastLink, the Province of Nova Scotia, and a variety of universities and colleges.