Christopher is a Canadian who loves open-source. He writes about the web, design, and digital marketing.

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Chris is a digital strategist whose professional projects have won awards. He has seven years of experience in marketing, business strategy, product design, and web design. In his career he’s had the privilege of working with Eastlink, the ECMAs, The Chronicle Herald, and many more great businesses.

Based out of little Prince Edward Island in Canada, Chris helps small businesses and individuals turn their ideas into realities. Previously a product designer at MindSea and marketing lead at SimplyCast. Currently running the Idea Inquest to help entrepreneurs and small businesses build winning strategies.

He recently discovered a newfound love for open source. He has begun building free tools, resources, and courses. All for business owners, designers, and people like you to succeed. If you have an idea for a great tool, be sure to reach out to Chris for advice and feedback.

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Ludus is my personal website, open-sourced. (You’re here!)

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I help businesses & new entrepreneurs plan for the future. Through my patented research and discovery process, we'll discover how to take your idea from zero to one, and bring you success. Whether you're starting a new business, or have an idea for your exisitng business, I can help you achieve your goals.

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